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Welcome to Geosung Textile!

Since Geosung was established in 1985, we have been producing and supplying oplene polyester for blinds, yarns for awning, as well as boat covers, various bags, outdoor apparel, high-pressure hose, and general-purpose hoses using an exclusive technology and under strict quality control.

As a market leader in the 21st century with optimism to satisfy our client’s requirements, we pursue ceaseless technological research and development.

We realize the value of the environment and produce high-quality products based on the trust we gained from customers in different parts of the world. We also diversify our existing markets to increase our global market share and to supply only the best products required by our clients.

Thank you for your interest in Geosung Textile!

Sincerely yours, Moon Ku Eui/ CEO Geosung Textile Co., Ltd.