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Polyester awning fabric

Totally new products that you have never experienced before are now available by combining P.S.Y. and the technology of Geosung Textile. Awning fabrics with excellent characteristics are now supplied to the US, the EU, Japan, and Australia where their quality are highly acknowledged and approved.

What is LETOM

LETOM is the only patented awning fabric used in fashion (Patent No. 0389049) in Korea and it has following excellent features

  • LETOM is a high-quality awning brand produced by Geosung Textile Co., Ltd. that is specialized in industrial textiles under its total production system of spinning, weaving, and finished production.
  • LETOM is a competitively priced awning material of yarn, which can be dyed or dip dyed. It is produced through the solution dyed method, making the yarn retain its color for more than five years under sunlight.
  • The KF Guard superhydrophobic product of LETOM cannot only let the light penetrate through it but also prevents contamination and leakage. As such, it can be used even during rainy season. (Average hydrostatic pressure of acryl products: 300-350 mm; H2O/LETOM: more than 1,000 mm H2O)
  • LETOM can maintain its shape stability for a long time after installing a finished product because of the high strength of polyester.
  • LETOM does not leave wrinkles on the fabric after sewing or cutting because of its excellent sewing operation. It also generates less chalk.
  • LETOM supplies not only antisoil finishing and waterproofing products (hydrostatic pressure 1,000-5,000 mm H2O) but also flame-resistant products.
Classification Acryl products
Tensile strength Warp = 6.9 kgf
Weft = 3.8 kgf
4.9 kgf
2.9 kgf
Internal tearing strength Warp = 230 kgf
Weft = 120 kgf
69 kgf
120 kgf

Property & Quality of LETOM

Material: 100% polyester
LETOM uses only pure Korean-made polyester and Geosung Textile performs spinning, weaving, and finishing under a consistent system.
Kf Guard Processing
LETOM improves its antisoil and antihydrophobic features through the KF Guard’s superhydrophobic treatment.
Improved Waterproofing
The hydrostatic pressure of LETOM is more than 1,000 mm of H₂O, and no leakage takes place to the awning when it rains.
UV Blocking
All the LETOM products has the UV stabilizing function to maintain high solar fastness.
Flame Resistance
LETOM also produces and supplies flame-resistant products based on the consumer’s request.
(We deliver a flame-resistant label issued by Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corp, if necessary.)
Whitening Effect Prevention
LETOM does not cause whitening effect when it is installed because it uses only excellent yarn and finishing chemical.
Fast Drying
LETOM can be dried very quickly after it gets wet.