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Polyester Boat cover fabric

The polyester boat cover fabric of Geosung Textile is not a cheap material of dyeing or piece dying method. It is produced through polyester solution dyeing with 100% customer-tailored color, and its color does not change for more than five years under solar light. It can maintain excellent shape stability after installation because of its high strength. Antibacterial or flame-resistant fabric can also be supplied.
ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 14001:2004


Polyester Boat cover fabric
Quality Assurance 5years
Weather resistance 4 ~ 4.5 Grade
Width 152cm
Hydrophobic degree 100%
Hydrostatic pressure 120cm H₂O
Weight 210g
Tensile strength 1900 x 1700
Internal tearing strength 180 x 180
Friction 50,000 cycless
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  • NO. 4102Forest Green
  • NO. 4140Persian Green
  • NO. 4141Seagrass Green
  • NO. 4305Pacific Blue
  • NO. 4306Caribean Blue
  • NO. 4468Captain Navy
  • NO. 4469Navy Blue
  • NO. 4605Burgundy
  • NO. 4608Red Wine
  • NO. 4642Red
  • NO. 4713Linen
  • NO. 4716Toast
  • NO. 4740True Brown
  • NO. 4800White
  • NO. 4931Black
  • NO. 4962Cadet Grey
  • NO. 4963Beige Grey
  • NO. 4991Charcoal Grey
  • NO. 9102Forest Green
  • NO. 9103Seagrass
  • NO. 9140Persian Green
  • NO. 9141Seagrass Green
  • NO. 9142LightGreen
  • NO. 9305Pacific Blue
  • NO. 9381New Blue
  • NO. 9478Navy Blue
  • NO. 9501Orange
  • NO. 9605Burgundy
  • NO. 9640Scarlet
  • NO. 9642Logo Red
  • NO. 9740True Brown
  • NO. 9796Brown